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The Olsen twins are a pair of sizzling all-American hotties. They may be small but they command attention like Hitler commanded the Nazis. They may have a petite frame but when they look at you, you can’t help but melt in your seat. These twins are really a force to be reckoned with and that’s what I like about them – they are beautiful but they likes playing it hard and rough! And not just in movies, mind you! We all know they’re not action stars, but they like playing hard ball in other aspects besides their career. And yes, the Olsen twins like to play it rough in bed!

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Yep, the Olsen twins like getting it hard and rough! They are sluts and they make no effort to deny it. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually the released these pics of themselves getting fucked big time! Look at how one of them enjoys taking a big hard cock up her ass and in her tight, pink pussy! Oh boy, what a treat! From watching their oh-so-innocent movies, I immediately knew they wild, but I didn’t know they were full-fledged nymphomaniacs! They both like getting fucked like there’s no tomorrow and that just adds to the pile of reasons why we love the Olsen twins. For more hot pics of the Olsen twins getting fucked, click here! You wouldn’t regret it!

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Mary Kate Olsen To Co-Star In Beastly

There’s a new movie coming out soon, re-telling the classic tale of Beauty and The Beast, but for a new generation of moviegoers.  That movie is called Beastly and it stars Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens.  Now we all know who Vanessa Hudgens is (especially if we’re fans of celebrity nude pics), but Alex Pettyfer has appeared in movies like Wild Child and Stormbreaker.

The movie also co-stars Mary Kate Olsen, without her twin sister Ashley, as the ‘wicked witch’ who curses our hero with not-so-great looks.  You see, Alex Pettyfer doesn’t play a nice guy in this flick, at the beginning of course.  He likes to ridicule people who are hmmm.. less than perfect physically and he invites Olsen’s character to go with him to this environmental bash.  Then he ditches her publicly and cruelly in front of everyone, and hence the curse.

I wonder who cast Mary Kate Olsen as the ugly girl in this movie?  She tries to look ugly by going goth but we still think she’s pretty hot!  Though of course she’s no Vanessa Hudgens (yum)…


Olsen Twins Blowjob Pictures

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or collectively known as the Olsen Twins are considered to be one of the youngest Hollywood twins to have started their budding career when they were only nine months old in the hit television series Full House. And as years passed, the twins became instant celebrities both in Hollywood and the business world and now they are considered to be one of the richest siblings to date and now they are making headlines when Mary-Kate suffered from the eating disorder anorexia nervosa while her name was mentioned during the untimely death of Australian actor Heath Ledger while her twin sister Ashley was said to be a junkie and she sued one of the major tabloids for $40 million. The Olsen Twins enjoyed the fame and the glamour along with the scandals and controversies that comes along with it, and that also includes the hundreds of sex pictures where the cute twins become two hungry sluts stuffing their mouths with hard cocks and we got ‘em right here at Olsen Twins Blowjob Pictures.

Olsen Twins Blowjob Pictures gives you nothing but hot blowjob pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley getting down on their knees and playing with some of the biggest boners in town while feeding their mouths with hard meat sticks with a lot of licking and sucking going on until they get to taste hot, warm cum dribbling down their throats! Interested to see more? Then click here and see for yourselves how these twin sisters get dirty at Olsen Twins Blowjob Pictures.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look hot in bikinis

Everyone got the shock of their lives when photos started circulating of the Olsen twins wearing mini bikinis while sunbathing at their hotel room’s patio.

Despite the ongoing rumors that the sisters are suffering from the eating disorder anorexia, these photos from Egotastic showed a more shapely and squeezable pair of thighs coupled with a curvy tummy.

The public had mixed reactions about these photos and a lot of people were telling that the two simply looked hot in bikinis while others disagreed and say that they had slightly improved in their figure unlike before where the twin millionaires were so super skinny and somehow starving themselves to death.

No wonder tycoon publisher Hugh Hefner decided that the twins would be ideal candidates for the next Playboy spread.


The mask of the Olsen twin sisters

It was such a huge gimmick during the wedding of Hollywood stylist Estee Stanley at the Oviatt Hotel in downtown Los Angeles when people began to wonder who were wearing those white masks during the event.

It was later found out that one of those individuals wearing those masks were the famous Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley who were photographed by paparazzis as they walked down the street towards the venue accompanied by other people wearing the same mask.


Olsen twins top worst fashion offenders

Full House child stars and teen millionaires Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were named as the top fashion offenders in a new magazine list for the worst dressed Hollywood celebrities.

The famous celebrity sisters have beaten rock singer Courtney Love and actress Sharon Stone from In Touch’s anti-style hit list.

Also included in the list of Hollywood’s worst dressed celebrities are Victoria Beckham, Oscar-award winner Tilda Swinton, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan.